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Work in Progress

"Nowhere to Run: Race, Gender and American State Legislative Elections" (Book Manuscript)

Texas State Capitol Dome

Texas State Capitol Dome

"Demographics are (Men's) Destiny: Race, Gender and Descriptive Representation in American State Legislatures, 1996-2015."

“Looking in, Looking Out: Communities, Institutions and the Emergence of Latinx Candidates for Office.”

“Mobilizing Multilingualism under Section 203: The “Work” of Languages in Voter Participation.”

 “Home (Country) Work: Economic and Political Incorporation Among American Immigrants.”


Reports and Policy Briefs

2016    States of Inclusion: New American Journeys to Elected Office. The New American Leaders Project. 

2014    Represent 2020: A Scorecard for Immigrant Leadership in America. The New American Leaders Project.       

2011    “The Health Home: An Approach for Improving Health Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color.” Boys and Young Men

             of Color Research Brief Series. Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity, Berkeley School of Law.

2010    “Gains, Gaps and New Choices: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act in California. Advancing National Health Reform     

            Policy Brief Series. Berkeley School of Law Center on Health, Economic and Family Security.